24 May 2010

Shopping Cart Solutions: What to Look for in an Ecommerce System

If you plan to conduct a significant amount of sales online, it's crucial to perfect the design of your website's ecommerce system. An outdated, complicated or, worst of all, insecure shopping cart can frustrate and turn off even interested customers. Maximize your online sales with a smartl...
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12 Nov 2009

Free Offers for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

As touched upon in yesterday's blog post about the importance of your site's call to action, a free offer is one of the most powerful tools you can use for bigger and better website marketing. Think about it. Which would YOU be more likely to do the first time you visit a website? Download a...
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15 Jul 2009

Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms: Ecommerce / Shopping Cart

Ecommerce – Collecting money online for a product or service. There are some essential elements that must be in place for an ecommerce site to be created and maintained with the proper security measures in place. One is called an SSL or “secure socket layer” certificate. This cert...
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