3 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence in 2016


Happy New Year! It’s time to make your business grow. Tuning up your online presence is a great way to generate more leads and increase your bottom line. Here are 3 ideas that go beyond simply attracting more visitors using organic and paid search.

#1. Update Your Website

Think of your website as a sales generating machine. It takes website visitors and turns them into revenue. Like all machines, a website ages, it wears down. Machines require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Your website is no different – except, unlike a machine, it is often difficult to tell when it is breaking down. Here are 3 quick checks to see if it’s time to do some website maintenance.

  • Is your website mobile-friendly (easy to see and use on a smart phone)? Last April, Google announced that sites that are not mobile-friendly will not rank as well in mobile search. With responsive design, websites can be programmed to optimize how a site is displayed on mobile devices. To test if your site is mobile-friendly, use Google’s mobile friendly check here.
  • Is your website easy on the eyes? Most website visitors spend very little time on your site. You need to make a quick, positive impression that encourages them to stay a while. The first test is to take a look at your home page and ask yourself if it looks like a modern, uncluttered, professionally designed website. Second, check to make sure your key messages catch the eye. It should be immediately clear what your business does.
  • Is it designed to convert? Does your website make it clear what action the visitor is to take and provide an incentive to do so? Focus on one or two actions per page. Of course, it’s always a best practice to have your phone number prominently displayed at the top of your site. ffering something for free (a consultation, an estimate, a downloadable guide/white paper, etc.) is a great way to get a visitor to contact you so that you can begin the sales process.

#2. Add Live Chat

It’s time to add live chat to your website. Chat gives visitors the option to quickly ask a question and get the answer without having to call or email. Best of all, it gives your company the chance to start a conversation with a prospect. It’s increasingly common; 58 percent of consumers say that they have used live chat and 20 percent indicate that chat is their preferred communication channel with online merchants. It’s easy to add and, for most small businesses, can be monitored by someone already in their office.

#3. Start Remarketing

When a prospect visits your website, they tip their hand. They are interested in what you have to sell. However, unless they contact you, they remain anonymous. Perhaps they are still in the consideration phase and/or checking out your competitors. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find these people and remind them why they should do business with your company? Good news: you can. It’s called remarketing. You can advertise to people who have been to your website. Because your remarketing audience is known to have an interest in your business, remarketing campaigns often have a very high return on investment.

For a more comprehensive review of your digital marketing, take our 20 Point Internet Marketing Check-Up. Do you want to improve your website and online presence in 2016? CyberMark can help. With everything from website design and SEO to digital advertising and social media management, we have everything you need to make your business grow.

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