Bing for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

As we blogged back in June regarding Microsoft's new search engine, “Bing promises to make online search a more satisfying experience.” It seems online users are pleased with Bing's fulfillment of that promise as its search share continues to grow, making it an increasingly important engine when it comes to effective website marketing.

In September Bing received 25 million more queries than in August!

What this news should mean to you — a website owner — is reinforcement of the fact that Google is not the only search engine to please. Granted, ranking well with Google is critical as it continues to dominate the search share at 73 percent with an average of more than 9 billion queries every month in 2009! However other search engines, like Bing, represent the other 27 percent of online users whose searches should not be ignored.

As with all search engine developments, CyberMark will monitor the growth of Bing and other emerging search engines and, if necessary, adjust our SEO techniques accordingly. That said we are proud to report that CyberMark clients continue to rank remarkably well with Bing.

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