Beyond the Biz to the People: Twitter Testing New “Contributors” Feature

One of the biggest benefits to social media for your business is the ability to give a voice and a face to the people behind your organization. So it’s good news for biz tweeters that Twitter is testing a new feature called “Contributors.”

As of now, any number of people can tweet for one Twitter account. However, unless specified in the update itself, readers have no way of knowing who actually posts each tweet.

With the new Contributors feature, each person contributing to a Twitter account would have a unique identity. This identity would be included in the byline underneath each tweet where the time of the post is displayed. This would make it easier for your followers to feel more genuinely engaged in a conversation — not with an organization, but with an actual person!

Though the feature is still in the testing mode, it is a good reminder of the importance that should be paid to personalizing your social media conversations as much as possible. Kudos to Twitter for continually furthering this goal along.

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