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If you've looked into different marketing strategies for your business recently, you've undoubtedly heard about the power of social media marketing. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, social media can provide terrific promotional tools. But as these sites rise in popularity among businesses and other organizations, many remain confused about just how getting on Facebook or tweeting will really help drum up more business. In our new blog series, Getting Social, we hope to explain just how you can benefit from a well crafted and implemented social media campaign. Here are a few ways you can use social media to your advantage to inform and connect with more customers:

Social media can help you reach more customers.

It's simple; the more ways you put your business out there, the more opportunities you give customers to find out more about what your business or organization has to offer. In addition to your official website, social media profiles allow you to make several mini-sites that give prospective customers checking out your business an idea of what your business is about. With a Facebook page, you can share blog entries, videos, links, images and a variety of other informative content. These profiles allow you to cast a wider net to potentially attract more customers.

Social media offers an easy way to keep current and potential customers updated.<

Do you have an upcoming sale or event you'd like to promote? Do you have any special offers or coupons? Are you selling new products or offering new products? Was your business recently featured in the local newspaper? With social media, you can easily share these interesting tidbits with your following to generate even more interest in your business.

Social media makes you more accessible.

Sure, customers can get in touch with your through the information provided on the Contact Us section of your website. But with social media, customers can also reach you through public and private messages, wall posts, blog comments, @ replies and so on. Being more open to customers by answering their questions and responding to comments gives off a friendly, welcoming vibe.

Social media profiles can help boost your SEO.

When you set up a profile on Facebook or Twitter, you have opportunity to provide links back to the official website of your business or organization. These external links from reputable, quality sites factor into your placement within search engine results, increasing your visibility with searchers.

Social media helps with customer research.

Are you developing a new product and wondering how you can make it better? Are you considering adding a new service and would like to know who might take advantage of it? Social media provides a low-key platform for interacting directly with potential customers. Asking questions of your social media following can help you gather helpful information you can use to improve your products or services.

Social media isn't just for kids anymore. Businesses are sharing information and making valuable relationships to help increase sales.Throughout this series, we hope to share even more ways social media can help your business.

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