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Franchisor Testimonial

"We met CyberMark back in 2004 after we had hired another SEO company to optimize our site.  Unknowingly they had applied techniques that the search engines would later penalize us for. CyberMark did some research to determine why we had no listings and it was because we had been banned by all of the major search engines.  We promptly hired them to get us back in compliance with the search engines.  They removed all unethical SEO and replaced with good SEO, and wrote letters to Google explaining our situation.  The search engines allowed us back in and we have been ranking in the top 5 for our terms ever since.

Being a franchise company it is imperative that we deliver good and solid leads to our franchisees. We are now able to do this and our growth due to CyberMark is exponential. Our franchisees were not doing well on the web either, so we came up with a strategic plan for Cybermark to be the sole web optimization company for our worldwide franchisees.  Now our franchisees are pulling their own traffic and leads on top of what we can give them. CyberMark saved my business and I am forever grateful. Our franchisees attribute that a significant portion of their business is directly brought through CyberMark organic SEO.  Best of all they only take on one franchise company in a particular category so you need not worry about them marketing a competitor while they are marketing for your company. I would snatch them up before it is too late. Believe me you DON'T want your competitor to reach them first.

I strongly urge anyone, especially if you are a franchise company or dealership type of business to contact CyberMark and see what they can do for you!

Weston Weber

Franchisor Testimonial

"We have been working with CyberMark for over 10 years building our company on the internet. We were much smaller when we started with CyberMark but now thanks to them we have grown to almost 75 dealers internationally. We had been through 8 other marketing companies before running in to CyberMark and were we ever impressed! I felt comfortable right away and decided to move forward and it has been one of my best business decisions ever. They helped our corporate site bring more leads to our dealers, growing our business as well as theirs. They also had an incredible marketing plan for franchise companies which Kimberly Judd-Pennie personally developed herself. It is so incredible but so proprietary that I don't want my competitors to know about it so I prefer to stay anonymous for my testimonial. I don't know anyone doing marketing for franchise companies like CyberMark. One of the best features I like about their service for franchise companies, is only one company per industry category is accepted.

I was even asked by Kimberly if it would be ok for them to take on another company that she thought may have had one product that was competing with one of our many. I told her to go ahead and could not believe the level of ethics in business that she would even ask. Over 90% of all of our leads come directly from the marketing CyberMark has done for us, and we get thousands! Thank you CyberMark we really do owe all of our growth to you!"

John  Founder and President

Franchisee Testimonial

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work! We are so impressed with the website and the results we have received that we also hired them to do another site for us. Both of these sites are now hugely successful. In fact I attribute about half of all my business is directly generated through CyberMark. Hundreds of leads have been generated directly from our sites, which has had a wonderful impact on revenue! Every step of the way has been a positive and professional experience."

Thank you Cybermark!
Brad Rein

Franchisee Testimonial

"I have been with CyberMark since 11/15/2005. They designed and did the search engine optimization for my website. I have generated a ton of leads and the site has definitely paid for itself and then some. This is by far the best advertising investment I have made in a long time and I know it will only continue to grow over time. CyberMark's staff was friendly, aggressive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this package to all Southwest Greens dealers as it was well worth the money and essential to my bottom line. "

Kerry Woodson

Franchisee Testimonial

"The Southwest Greens Lake County website designed by Cybermark went up this week. In the first 24 hours I received an email inquiry, spoke on the phone and scheduled an appointment with an interested client. CyberMark was a pleasure to work with and I'm very pleased with the professional website they created. They have promised to assist me in adding pictures of client greens so it truly reflects the community I serve.  Now I receive the majority of my leads through the web and my business has grown considerably. Thanks CyberMark!"

Holly Krevitz

Franchisee Testimonial

"CyberMark and better yet Kimberly is just great. They really know the world of internet and how important it is to our business. In fact, what sold me was they were able to pull a report for July '05, and their were approx 140 hits for "Backyard putting greens", just in the Oklahoma area. Well I know that I did not get 140 phone calls, so I must have missed 140 leads. Well now, I do not have to worry....."

Richard Shepler

Franchisee Testimonial

"The web site that CyberMark designed for us looks great! We have every prospective customer visit the web site to see all what we have to offer for them. Our website is very professional and best yet it ranks at the top of the search engines. This site is a main lead generation tool which is a must have to increase your revenue and bottom line."

Harry Marshall

Franchisee Testimonial

"I started my landscape and irrigation business in 1976 prior to the age of the computer. All we had then was the yellow pages which people were supposed to let their fingers walk in. Communication was slow and the world was slower paced. NOW with the internet and websites and the rest I have been realizing that I needed to keep up with technology. I have been thinking of a web site for years and the urgency to proceed, after purchasing a Southwest Greens franchise last year, was necessary. I felt the need to really market my Southwest Greens division...I needed a website.

Kimberly of Cybermark called and offered her services. She explained how things worked so that someone unfamiliar to the concept could understand [like me]. Every step of the way she outlined the process, timing and costs...they followed through on everything. Everyone is very professional and most importantly helpful. As a result of their efforts my website has exceeded all of my expectations.

In the few months of having my website operational the inquiries have doubled and I have sold 3 jobs.
I highly recommend Cybermark...they get it done!"

Thanks Cybermark.
Duane Diede

Franchisee Testimonial

"Our business at SW Greens Louisiana has tripled since using CyberMark International. They have met their promise of providing effective search engine optimization, submissions and placement for our company in the Louisiana market. Their professional online marketing advertising services pushed us in front of the competition through search engine ranking strategies and helped us attain the placement needed for targeted traffic and increased sales conversions.

From the beginning of our install to current status CyberMark's professional staff has made us feel very comfortable with the whole process. The personal service is refreshing in the fast paced market we compete in. We feel very fortunate to have CyberMark as a part of our team."

Danny Tatum CEO

"Dear Kim, I am so pleased with the work and service from you and your team that I just had to stop and tell you.

When we first came to you in October 2004, we made it clear that we needed three things out of our church web site. One, a classy site that represented us accurately, two, a site that would draw more hits per week from the families in our neighborhood, and three, customer service that could tolerate my lack of experience, knowledge, and technical terms in the area of web design. Kim, you and your team delivered each above and beyond my high expectations!

Every week, we have at least two families (often times more than two) who show up on Sunday morning for the very first time because they found us on the web. They also often tell us that it was the warmth and feel of our web site that compelled them to try us out. We have you and only you to thank for that fact.

So on behalf of all of us North Ridge Community Church, thank you for your work we reap the benefits of it every single day. We are forever believers in CyberMark!  Now in 2008 about one half of all new comers are coming in from our website and marketing which of course is still with CyberMark!  Thanks for growing with us!"


Randy Williams

"Please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the extraordinary results we have seen for the 10 years we have been working with CyberMark International. We were initially skeptical about marketing our legal services on the Internet. You have well surpassed all of our expectations. As a direct result of your services, our law firm has seen a marked increase in its client base of at least 30%. Each month our web site now brings us new local clients from throughout Arizona, and to our surprise, additional clients from across the country, and even others from around the world. Kimberly, we greatly appreciate the personal attention provided by you and your staff. Sensitive to our needs, you have thoroughly impressed us with your ability to market our law firm in a dignified and professional manner, while obtaining unexpected results. We highly recommend CyberMark to any business, particularly professional businesses seeking to expand their client base, without compromising their image. Please feel free to show off our exceptional ranking reports indicating our listings at the top of all the major search engines. Thanks again."

Jay R. Bloom Attorney at Law
2800 N. Central Ave., Ste #1750 Phoenix  AZ 85004  602-266-1900

"Just a brief note offering my sincere "thank you" for all of your help in the growth of the Mark Cresse School of Baseball. Little did I know after our initial meeting of the impact your services would have on my business. The Mark Cresse School of Baseball is at or near the top rankings of all major search engines. Your quick responses to my inquires and concerns are greatly appreciated as is your help with my understanding of the entire process of marketing our website. Our business has grown 40% in the past 5 years and I attribute your services as the major factor. Please keep up the good work."

Jeff Pressman

"Four of the five workshops in Singapore are already sold out! In addition, I have two folks already signed up for the October Facilitation 4 Results course. People are really finding me through the web site. You wouldn't believe some of the telephone calls I have had!"


Ruth Siquenza

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Client Testimonials

  • On Google we are number 1! This looks like a CyberMark mark as well! Well done! Please keep it up. These are tough times. It's terrific to have a partner we can trust to help out. - Des Mayne, Owner, Boot Dryers
  • CyberMark did an excellent job of optimizing and promoting my website. We are ranked highly in all the major search engines and they continue to monitor our position and make suggestions for improving the site. - Jim Walton, President, Southwest Greens of Florida
  • CyberMark is a CPC Genius. I could not speak more highly of their care and how this has changed our business. - Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, CEDS, The Center for Counseling and Health Resources
  • CyberMark's knowledge and expertise in the CPC area has been right in the growth of Promologo internet sites. We have seen a 50 percent growth in our internet sales after their work on our keywords and internet positioning. - Tom Bogle, President, Adsun

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