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Pay Per Click Advertising

Guaranteed Results Program

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a program where you can purchase keywords on search engines to guarantee that a listing of your website appears for that keyword.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Marketing provided by CyberMark International is one of the most effective ways of gaining exposure and driving targeted leads to your website. CyberMark offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, MSN and Facebook. The percentages of internet reach for the top 5 search engines are as follows:

  • Google - 67.5%
  • Bing - 16.7%
  • Yahoo! - 11.6%
  • Ask.com - 2.6%
  • AOL - 1.7%

Numbers from ComScore.com - 2013

How Does Pay Per Click Work?
CyberMark creates ads and purchases keywords on major search engines where you want to be seen. When people search on one of these search engines using your keywords, your ad will appear next to the search results. People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not when it is displayed.

Why Does It Work?
PPC Marketing provided by CyberMark International is one of the most effective ways of gaining exposure and driving targeted leads to your website. While you are waiting for your site to be listed on the free organic listings on search engines, Pay Per Click ads can be listed immediately! It puts your ads in front of customers at the precise moment they are looking for what you offer. Because you only pay when a visitor enters your site, the view of your ad is FREE! You can have ads shown, locally or nationally, by region, by customer demographic, by topic and much more! CyberMark tracks how well each ad is doing, which keywords are resulting in the most clicks to your site and, most importantly, which ads and keywords are creating the most RESULTS for your desired outcome. Whether it is a purchase on your site, a form filled out or just views of certain pages, we can analyze what is getting you the best return on your investment.

What is included into the PPC Setup and monthly management?
This will include implementing strategies on new campaigns for specific territories and industry types, ad groups, keywords and ad creation with 800 number and testing:

  • Intensive analysis of past campaign success / failures to determine what is currently working and what is not.
  • Google analytics analysis.
  • Cross-testing. Testing out of different ads to increase conversions.
  • Competitive analysis. Who is buying your terms and what terms are they buying.
  • Negative keyword analysis. What terms do you not want to purchase.
  • Content placement research and testing. We research which Google networks are the best for conversions out of content partners (Other websites that are signed up to show Google ads on their own sites for commissions), search partners (other major search engines that Google works with) and Google search.
  • Time of day / day of week analysis. Which time of day or day of the week is the best for conversions.
  • IP address blocking of competition where possible. We can block your competitors for seeing or clicking on your ads.
  • Click fraud analysis. We monitor this to ensure there is no click fraud in your campaign.
  • Full keyword research for all services offered.
  • Website change recommendations.
  • Full time account representative.
  • Daily monitoring and tweaking of campaign.
  • Monthly reports sent from Google, CyberMark Phone Tracking System.
  • Monthly phone tracking, except for .08 per minute charges which will be billed additionally.

Phone Tracking
CyberMark can also track all or your phone calls that are received from the PPC campaign without having to change the phone number on your website. NOTE: You will receive detailed phone reports, including Caller ID, phone number, time of day, length of time of phone call, and alert email if someone calls and hangs up. There is also a phone number blocking feature if you ever receive solicitor phone calls.

The .08 cents per minute fee will be billed and calculated at the end of the month. This fee is generally very low and usually less than $100 per month.

What Does It Cost?
CyberMark charges a set-up fee to build your campaign and create your ads, and helps you select keywords that are going to be the most cost effective and get you the most ROI. This set-up fee is based on the number of keywords. In addition, specialized landing pages can be created to pull in more conversions on the clicks we are delivering.

CyberMark always recommends starting with Google AdWords, as their program has been the most successful for our customers. Google AdWords also offers the best control tools and reporting to allow us to determine what is working best before we add campaigns on Yahoo! and/or MSN.  You set the budget for how much you would like to spend per month on Google and we set it up to be charged directly by Google to your credit card.

CyberMark charges a monthly management fee to closely monitor and adjust your campaign 5 days a week. This fee is determined by the amount you spend with Google. CyberMark also charges an $.08 per minute phone lead tracking fee. This is to let you know how many calls you actually received from your campaign.

Why should I go with CyberMark?
CyberMark has been creating and managing Pay Per Click Campaigns for over 10 years. We are able to save customers thousands of dollars in money wasted due to non-converting click fees. We do this by creating campaigns that work around the competition to get you the lowest cost possible Pay Per Click, while at the same time getting you results you can see! CyberMark provides in-depth daily monitoring of your campaign with monthly reports and analysis.

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Client Testimonials

  • On Google we are number 1! This looks like a CyberMark mark as well! Well done! Please keep it up. These are tough times. It's terrific to have a partner we can trust to help out. - Des Mayne, Owner, Boot Dryers
  • CyberMark did an excellent job of optimizing and promoting my website. We are ranked highly in all the major search engines and they continue to monitor our position and make suggestions for improving the site. - Jim Walton, President, Southwest Greens of Florida
  • CyberMark is a CPC Genius. I could not speak more highly of their care and how this has changed our business. - Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, CEDS, The Center for Counseling and Health Resources
  • CyberMark's knowledge and expertise in the CPC area has been right in the growth of Promologo internet sites. We have seen a 50 percent growth in our internet sales after their work on our keywords and internet positioning. - Tom Bogle, President, Adsun

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