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Strategic Linking Exchange

To become a link exchange partner of ours send us an email with the information in the blue text below.

Strategic linking plays a significant portion of search engine algorithms. It is important that outside links on your website open onto new windows. This ensures that the user will not be diverted out of your website when linked to another.

Again, make sure your web designer programs hypertext links to open a new browser window when placing links on your website. This will ensure that traffic will not be lost. Follow the strategic linking instructions below.

  1. Create a mailbox in your email program for all of your responses.
  2. Customize the attached link exchange letter to your website's information. Simply replace the red text to match your site's information and add your URL. You will be asking these companies to send you a one sentence description of what's their site about, their website link, and their company name.
  3. Start searching for sites with Yahoo. Search with all your keywords, starting with your first keyword and following with each subsequent keyword. For every one of 30 or more sites, launch an email requesting them to link up to your website. Follow the same procedure for these other search engines: Alta Vista, MSN, AOL, Lycos, Google, Goto.com and Hot Bot.

Make sure that your links are industry related but are not direct competitors. Link to websites that target a similar audience, but do not link to sites that offer the same products or services that your site provides.

If you're a regional service site you may want to start a list of local links. Otherwise, keep your links in the same business category as your site. For example, if you are a beauty site then link to other beauty related sites.

  1. Wait 1 week for responses and collect all links by dragging them into their designated folder.
  2. Send all links at one time to your web designer via email so they don't get lost and to reduce the time of piecing them together.
  3. After your designer has embedded the links to your website, test them to make sure each one is a valid and fully functional link.
  4. For each of the company that is linked on your website, send them an email to notify their link is up and running on your site.
  5. Verify and make sure that each company you are linking to is also linking back to your site. Preferably, yours and their links page should be one click in from your homepage. This is so the search engine spiders can easily crawl the links page and register your link's popularity.

The following page is a template for the link exchange letter. Customize it to your website's information and forward it to the respectable websites produced by your keyword search. Be sure to add additional thoughts on your visit to their website so they know you were actually there.

Dear Company Name,

I enjoyed my visit to your site and would love to exchange links. Our URL is http://www.yourdomainname.com. As you probably know, developing and cultivating a links page is a great way to build targeted traffic to your website as well as increase search engine rankings. Part of how the search engines rank includes the percentage of other companies linking to your site.

We invite you to visit our website that features (Give them some detail here of what your site is about). We are located in (If you have an offline place of business, list where you are located).

Please email back to youremail@yourdomain.com if you are interested and include the following:

1. URL or web address (ex. www.yourcompanydomain.com)
2. Name of your company
3. One sentence description about your company that you would like posted on my site

We will then add your site to our links page and will send you the web address where your link is located. I look forward to increasing interest for both of our business through each other's sites.


Your Name
Your Company