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Great franchise marketing works for both the franchisor and franchisee

It's the age old franchise dilemma: the franchisees want to do more of their own marketing, but the franchisor wants to market the overall franchise and maintain control of the brand. The good news is that it's possible to do both. However, it's critical that these 2 programs are centrally managed and work together to achieve the best overall ROI. If you're not sure how actively you want your franchisees marketing locally, consider that 40% of web searches are now local. If your franchisees are not there, your competition is guaranteed to be there.

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Establishment in 1989, Anago Cleaning Systems has over 2,000 franchise owners nationwide and was ranked as the 10th Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2013.

adam povlitz

I've dealt with numerous companies for web design, SEO, PPC, and social media over the years but CyberMark is the only one who continues to deliver results for my company, as well as the operations of my franchise owners across the U.S. and Canada...

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When so many internet companies give you smoke and mirrors, it's refreshing when a company like CyberMark will give it to you straight. They are incredibly responsive, adaptive, and forward thinking.

Adam D. Povlitz, CFE
Executive Vice President | Anago Franchising, Inc

curt albertson

What a difficult technology to navigate when you are a small business owner and in my case 58 years old. If I had my choice I would still have my IBM Selectric typewriter. However at least I recognize the importance of being involved with the Internet..

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My initial experience was selecting someone out of the Yellow Pages only to find out they were able to design a site but were clueless on how to develop a plan. I thought everyone was the same. Through a series of phone calls I came across CyberMark International. Anyone who asks me about the value of CyberMark, I quickly state that their advice has pushed my sales dramatically forward and has me on the cutting edge with three websites compatible for mobile devices for my commercial cleaning business in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Dayton and Indianapolis.

As a master owner of a commercial cleaning franchise, I am target two completely different audiences; one is corporate customers and the other is individuals looking for a business opportunity. Through the creativity and development skills of CyberMark we have been able to directly target the two markets without overlapping and confusing either customer. My results in SEO are good and my results with their PPC team are excellent. I just could not live without them today. Prior to working with CyberMark so much of my business relied on telemarketing which I think we all realize is a dying industry. But who doesn't look at the Internet 24 hours a day?

As an entrepreneur I can be stubborn as hell. Kim has the ability to put up with my personality, sell her ideas gently and lead me in the right direction. It is now to the point where the phone calls are "what aren't I doing that would help me grow my business"? I simply trust them that much and believe they are the source for Internet marketing.

Seven years later and we continue to grow with each other. I strongly recommend their services if you are looking to grow your company.

Curt Albertson
President | Anago Cincinnati / Indianapolis


Established in 1965, SYNLawn® has over 50 dealers nationwide and is recognized as the first name in synthetic lawn grass for residential and commercial landscaping applications.

michelle balicki

I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly and her team at CyberMark since the beginning of 2012. Our initial decision to engage with them was based on their experience and knowledge of our industry and their reputation...

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However, as time goes on, we have found this relationship to be invaluable. CyberMark has truly become a partner with SYNLawn and we rely on them to assist us with strategies and decisions for our corporate initiatives as well as our entire distributor network. They have created websites for our team that keep them highly ranked and offer marketing programs that continue to drive traffic to our sites.

With the constant evolution of SEO and ongoing social media changes, having them on our team as advisors has been extremely helpful to me and our entire team. We have been very pleased with the results they have brought to the table and we will value this relationship tremendously. I highly recommend CyberMark to everyone, except our competition!

Michelle Balicki
Marketing Manager | SYNLawn

danna freedman

The SEO optimization and internet marketing industry, in my experience, is made up mostly of companies that consist of slick salesmen, who take your money, make promises, which they do not have the knowledge or resources to fulfill. CyberMark is definitely the EXCEPTION...

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They have drastically increased our website traffic, and our Google presence, while keeping to a reasonable budget. CyberMark is definitely the EXCEPTION.

Working with Kimberly and her team has been an absolute pleasure. They are quick to respond to any issues and/or questions that we have and always answer everything clearly and concisely.

They have great ideas and know how to implement them to our benefit. I would really like to add an emphasis on the response time to getting questions answered, new ideas implemented, and any potential issues averted immediately. I cannot stress enough the excellence in that area that CyberMark demonstrates.

I would highly recommend CyberMark to anyone! And I do not ever give recommendations unless they are well deserved.

Danna Freedman
President | SYNLawn LA

Why choose CyberMark for your franchise marketing?

CyberMark's proven franchise marketing program generates more leads for each franchisee/dealer while at the same time ensuring that the corporate brand standards are maintained. CyberMark acts as your in-house digital marketing team and helps your franchisees navigate internet marketing to ensure that they are achieving the best ROI. We take the burden off the franchisor by providing unmatched education, customer service and support.