Facebook Advertising Service

Marketing your business on Facebook

Facebook ads offer incredible targeting options and market your business on the second most visited website on the internet

The most important component of determining advertising effectiveness is the relevance of the ad to the target audience. Facebook offers fantastic audience targeting options based on location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace, education, and more. You can advertise on Facebook for as little as $5 per day, making it a very affordable option for small businesses. The Facebook mobile news feed ad placement is one of the best forms of mobile advertising available. As with most digital advertising platforms, Facebook provides robust metrics on ad campaign performance, including the number of people who saw your ad, the number of people who took the desired action (clicks or engagements), and the demographic information of the people who like your page. CyberMark can create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns for your business to direct more qualified leads to your website.

Below are examples of the 5 best advertising formats for small businesses.

Why choose CyberMark for your Facebook advertising?

To be successful with Facebook ads requires expertise in a number of disciplines, including copy writing, image editing, audience targeting, website programming, and data analysis. CyberMark brings all of these disciplines together to generate the highest ROI possible. We will develop your ad campaigns, manage your budget, and continuously optimize it by analyzing your results. CyberMark has over 10 years of experience managing PPC advertising campaigns.