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Google Authorship for Authority, Traffic & SEO

Kimberly Judd-PennieOctober 10, 2013Google

When you publish blog posts and articles on your website, it’s a good idea to include a byline that attributes the content to a particular author. This not only personalizes your message, but also signals to readers (i.e., customers or clients) that you have on staff an expert in the industry. And the more you Read More


The Benefits of Adding Google Author Snippet

Kimberly Judd-PennieJune 4, 2013Google

The terms Author Snippet and Author Rank are terms that are becoming more and more popular as Google continues to crack down on their search engine algorithms. This is because Google has given several hints that these tools can contribute to your authority and help your rankings in the search engines by showing that the Read More


Google Emerges Unscathed from Search Bias Investigation

Kimberly Judd-PennieJanuary 22, 2013Google

After nearly two years of investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission, search engine giant Google has emerged with a clear reputation, and a clean bill of health. At a press conference announcing the results, FTC Director Jon Liebowitz said “We have exhaustively investigated whether [Google] uses search bias to push its own products higher Read More


New Google Panda Algorithm Update

Kimberly Judd-PennieAugust 27, 2012Google

Google has recently announced that a new data refresh of Panda has rolled out. Google routinely announces such algorithm refreshes, though the amount of time between each one tends to vary. Google Panda initially went live in February 2011, aiming to reward sites with high quality content with better search engine rankings. Google defines high Read More


Mobile SEO: Optimizing for Smartphones and Feature Phones

Kimberly Judd-PennieJuly 30, 2012Google mobile marketing Search Engine News search engine optimization

Recently, Google released a set of guidelines for mobile SEO, including details on how to optimize for feature phones in addition to smartphones. With the skyrocketing popularity of smartphones, many may think, “Why would anyone need feature phone traffic now that everyone has a smartphone?” While smartphone ownership is at an all-time high, still only Read More


Google Places Switches to Google+ Local

Kimberly Judd-PennieJuly 3, 2012Google regional SEO search engine optimization

Now that Google has integrated local listings with Google+, there are a few changes to be aware of for your local SEO.


Google +1 Button: It’s Here!

Kimberly Judd-PennieJune 7, 2011Google social media Social Plugins Website Content

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, Google has officially launched the +1 button, which allows users to recommend web content to other users.


What Google Loves (And Hates) About Your Website

Kimberly Judd-PennieMarch 25, 2011Google search engine optimization

Agreed-upon SEO factors in determining whether a website soars or sinks in Google.


Bing Gets Personal with Its Search Results

Kimberly Judd-PennieFebruary 11, 2011Bing Google

As announced on its blog last week, Bing has tweaked its search to display more personal results based on location and past search history.


Google Rolls Out New Place Search

Kimberly Judd-PennieNovember 4, 2010Google Google Places regional SEO

Google recently introduced Place Search, a dramatic, new way to display local search results. This change is likely to have a significant impact on local SEO.